Thomas Gunn 100 Club

Thomas Gunn is delighted to announce the launch of a free figure with each purchase over $300/£250. WEF from 11/11/2018. The scheme is very simple, in that we send you one figure available from our 100 Club range each time you purchase through our website or over the telephone at Gunn HQ.

At the point of purchase just indicate which figure you would like. If you make a purchase of $600 for example you are entitled to 2 free figures, we allow a maximum of 3 free figures per customer transaction.

You can request any figure that is showing marked as a Gunn Club figure on the website, if a particular figure is not available we reserve the right to substitute for a similar value figure from the other available Club figures.

If no Club figures are available at the time of purchase then unfortunately we cannot make the offer retrospectively. For example if none were available 2 years ago when you made a purchase from us then we cannot offer you a free figure today. The final decision on any free figures is subject to availability and Thomas Gunn approval, our decision is final.

There are only 100 figures available of each particular figure and therefore availability is strictly limited.

CLUB031 Erich Marcks
CLUB031 Rommel
ClUB031 Von Kluge
SS062 & 63

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