ACC PACK 060D Winter Panzer 4 (No decals)




D version with no decals applied but all the above decals are supplied in the box.

The winter panzer 4 top up order is now in stock, we were oversubscribed on orders for this piece and therefore its advisable to confirm your order if still of interest. The top up is still at the same great price as the initial release.
There will be no more winter panzer 4 please note as we now move onto other projects.

Each tank comes with a commander figure and a full set of side skirts which can be alternated so that each tank appears different from another. There will be an ACC PACK Tank Crew add on set coming soon, this will allow you to swap tank commanders to create a unique look for each vehicle in the future. Hopefully this time we have made enough Panzer 4’s for everyone and will have a few spares for latecomers to the party.

Tank comes with 1 crew figure only, all other photos depicting additional figures or mats are shown for publicity and scale purposes only.