ACC PACK 078A/1 Panzer III ‘131’


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The Panzer 3 was used in every theatre during WW2 and although replaced by its bigger stablemate the Panzer 4, some units still utilised the Panzer 3 in Normandy and they were even found fighting during the final battle for Berlin in 1945.
The final two versions had side skirts fitted, the M variant having a 50mm cannon whilst the N variant had a short barrel 75mm cannon fitted.  
This version of our Panzer 3 M is in a 2 tone colour scheme.

ACC PACK 078 A1 version with 131 decals on the sides

Priced at $225/£199 while stocks last with 40 of each variant available. As you can see from the pictures each panzer has a different commander and removable side skirts. 

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