ACC PACK 079C Panzer 3 ‘N’ (116 decal)




Our latest Panzer 3 ‘N’ variant is now available, this was the last version of the Panzer 3, it was fitted with a short barrel 75mm cannon and intended for infantry support.
Although production stopped in 1943 over 700 ‘N’ variants were produced with some seeing combat service right up until the last days of the war in 1945.

There are 4 versions available each with a different commander and different serial number. In a step away from the norm, the detachable side skirts have 1 section of skirt that is painted in plain dunkelgelb with red primer paint on the reverse side. If you don’t like it then it can be left off, if you do then you will have a unique piece in your collection.

C version: Serial 116 on side with commander raising hand and smoking pipe.

We have a limited number of 40 of each version available priced at $245 / £210 whilst stocks last. This is an increase on the ‘M’ version price but this is purely down to the air freight surcharge. 

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