WOW181 Caudron Seaplane

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A gigantic 1/30 scale hand carved Mahogany and metal aircraft which will be the pride of any collection. The Caudron G.IV was a twin engine bomber used by a variety of air forces including the French, British, Italian and United States during World War 1.  It was built in great numbers by the French and used for raids over Germany.

Our version is the Naval variant and comes with free Naval Marine Sentry or similar depending on availability.

Please note the regular price for this product is $700 but an additional $150 has been added for shipping to US and Australia, if you require a more bespoke shipping quote please email us. The UK/EU price includes shipping to your respective country.

Model dimensions are approximately 24 inch (61 cm) wingspan by 14.5 inch (37 cm) in length.