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SS Brigade-Fuhrer Heinz Harmel was commander of the 10th SS Frundsberg division at Normandy and a Knights Cross recipient. Harmel’s division fought in Normandy where they suffered heavy losses when ordered to try and break through the Allied lines, in order to relieve the encircled German army at Falaise. Post Normandy, Harmel was promoted and transferred with his unit to the Netherlands for rest and recuperation. It was here in mid September that Harmel and his division fought and frustrated the British Paras as they tried to seize the bridge at Arnhem for 30 Corps.
Harmel was noted for fighting a clean war and was never tried for war crimes, he was in fact presented with a commemorative medal in Bayeux in 1994 for his post war efforts at reconciliation. He died aged 94 in the year 2000 on September 2nd.
Limited to 100 in number and also available as a CLUB figure.


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