WOW223 FW Ta 152 ‘Red’

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The Fw Ta 152 was a late war high altitude fighter/bomber interceptor designed by Kurt Tank and manufactured by Focke-Wulf.  At high altitudes the Ta 152 was one of the fastest piston engine aircraft in the world, armed with 3 x cannon it could easily tackle any Allied aircraft of the time.  Around 50 aircraft were made before the end of the war, once again it was a case of too little too late for the Luftwaffe.
Our red Ta 152 is one flown by Kommodore Fritz Aufhammer an Ace awarded the Iron Cross and Cross of Gold. Aufhammer was nervous that German flak gunners would open fire on the unfamiliar shape of the Ta 152 and ordered his aircraft to be painted in a bright red, reminiscent of the Red Barons Triplane during WW1. It is not known if Aufhammer saw combat in this aircraft, but it is surely one of the most eye catching German fighters of WW2.
This 1/30 scale model is made from hand carved Mahogany and is one of only 5 worldwide. The retail price for this model is $499 plus postage and packing, the banner price shown of $599 therefore includes postage to the USA and Australia, for a more bespoke postage quote please email us.   Model is supplied with free figure of SS061 The Last Supper.
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