GW105A Guard Grenadiers (Rectangular Base)


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GW105: Its been a while since we topped up our WW1 1st Guards Grenadiers and at last we have some more. For those of you unfamiliar with the regiment read on: The 1st (Emperor Alexander) Guards Grenadier regiment was formed after the Napoleonic wars of liberation on 14 October 1814 by order of King Frederick William 111 of Prussia. It was named in honour of Tsar Alexander 1 of Russia, who was also its first colonel in chief. Parts of the formation had distinguished themselves in the 1807 siege of Kolberg, where most of its officers were decorated with the Iron Cross or the order Pour le Merite after this action. The regiment was elevated to the rank of a royal guard on 18 February 1820 and based in Berlin at Alexander Platze before moving to larger barracks also in Berlin. The Guards Grenadiers later saw active service in the Franco Prussian war of 1870 and during WW1.

Our Guard Grenadiers are dressed as they would have been for ceremonial duties until 1918.

The A version with grey rectangular base and the B version with round free form grass base.
Comes in a four man box and is priced at $165/£154 per set. To follow on in this series there will be a flag bearer and a boy prince officer plus a few other surprises like a new regiment which will also make an appearance.