WOW226 Kate Torpedo Bomber ‘Pearl Harbour Variant’

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Nakajima B5N Kate
The Nakajima B5N Kate was a 3 man crewed torpedo bomber operated by the Japanese navy during WW2.
Although faster and more capable then its Allied counterparts, the US Devastator and the British Swordfish, the Kate was already entering obsolescence as Japan entered the war in 1941. However a suitable replacement the B6 Jill entered service too late to fully replace the Kate and like many Japanese aircraft of the time, the Kate simply soldiered on until the Japanese surrender in August 1945.  The B5 Kate saw considerable success during the early part of the war, particularly at Pearl Harbour, Battle of the Coral sea and Midway.

Our 1/30 scale Kate comes with a full interior, is decked out in an attractive colour scheme based on an aircraft flying from the carrier Akagi and also took took part in the first wave of the Pearl harbour attack.

This model has a wingspan of approx 49.5cm and is nearly 34cm long.
We have 5 x Kate’s available priced at $999 plus postage, each one comes with free Carrier deck mat as per the attached pictures. This Kate is a one off special with an open rear gunners position and is therefore different from the other 4 made.

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