KOREA004 USMC Officer with Pistol


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Last year marked another anniversary in that it was the 70th year since the commencement of the Korean war in 1950, which incidentally has still not ended!
Once again this is a series that should have made it out of the starting blocks a few months back but for one reason or another (cannot for the life of me think what) has been delayed.

Our first release features four US Marines in fish tail parkas in a patrol type scenario, for those of you who remember the Mods from the 1960’s this set should be particularly¬†reminiscent! These new figures are as follows:

Korea 001 USMC soldier with rifle
Korea 002 USMC soldier with Thompson MG
Korea 003 USMC soldier with face scarf and rifle
Korea 004 USMC officer with pistol


Please NOTE that this item is not available for dispatch until 15th February.

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