RS061B Officer Senda Sadasue




Senda Sadasue officer was a career officer in the Japanese army during WW2, he is best remembered for his steadfast defence on Iwo Jima.

Sadasue became chief of the discipline section in the Sendai Army Youth School on 1 August 1939. On 29 May 1940, he became commanding officer of the 44th Infantry Regiment of the Japanese Imperial Army.
He later became commandant of the Sendai Army Youth School on 5 February 1943, a post he maintained until 27 November 1944.

In Autumn 1944, General Kuribayashi in charge of the defence of the island of Iwo Jima replaced many local officers with others whom he judged more competent. One of these new arrivals was Major General Senda Sadasue after Kuribayashi requested “the best infantry leaders” available.


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