RS076A General ‘Skinny’ Wainwright (round base)




On Sept. 2 1945, Army Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, a Medal of Honor recipient, was among the few U.S. military leaders aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when Japan signed the surrender documents ending World War II.
The Philippines fell to the Japanese on April 9 1942, but Wainwright and thousands of others survived and escaped to Corregidor, the last Allied stronghold in the island chain. There they hid and dodged air bombardments for another month, determined to fight to the last man if necessary. Wainwright finally surrendered from higher orders to the Japanese on May 6 1942 .
Three years and three months later in August 1945, Wainwright was released from a liberated prisoner-of-war camp. Two weeks later he stood behind MacArthur on the USS Missouri when the General signed the Japanese surrender documents.

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