SPA028C Hoplite with Prisoner (Lady in Red Dress)


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SPA028 Hoplite with Cypriot Marine prisoner. A great looking diorama set with a Hoplite questioning a Cypriot Marine recently captured. Of note to the Hoplite is the golden cup he has retrieved from the Cypriot, obviously he is hoping for information of the whereabouts of a larger hoard of similar items! The cup is based on one recently found in a loft in Taunton UK, it dates back to Persian times and features 2 ladies heads facing away from each other and is cast in solid gold. Due to be sold shortly it is expected to fetch £500,000 at auction. The current owner has admitted he used it for air rifle practice as a boy! How it got from Ancient Greece to Taunton is another story but nevertheless an intriguing find. SPA027 sentry is shown in the picture for effect only and does not come with this set.
Limited to 100 sets and priced at $110, comes with the 2 figures pictured, 2 helmets, shield of your choice, spear and gold cup as previously described. A version comes with bronze

Spartan Lambda shield, B version shield decorated with Icarus falling into the sea and C version shield with lady in a rather see through red dress!

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