SS084 Karl Gerd von Runstedt




Karl Gerd von Runstedt was a German field marshal and Knights Cross recipient during WW2. Runstedt had in fact retired from military service by 1938 but was recalled for the invasion of Poland and the battle for France, it was his ‘halt’ order that saved the British army as a fighting formation from total destruction at Dunkirk, allowing them to evacuate across the channel to safety. Although relieved of command in December 1941 he was recalled and appointed Commander in Chief in the West in 1942. Sacked once again after the defeat in Normandy he was recalled again in September where he held the same post, but true to form he was once again dismissed in March 1945 by Hitler.

Runstedt was aware of some of the various plots to depose Hitler but refused to support them. After the war he was charged with war crimes but was released due to old age and poor health in 1949.

Our depiction of Runstedt is of him as he appeared in 1944, when he inspected the 12th SS Division prior to their baptism of fire at Normandy. Runstedt is priced at $40/£36 and limited to 100 in number.

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