USA013 General John Meyer


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USA013; General John Charles Meyer (April 3, 1919 – December 2, 1975) was an American World War II flying ace, and later the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and director of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. SAC was the United States’ major nuclear deterrent force with bombers, tankers and reconnaissance aircraft, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff coordinated the nation’s nuclear war plans and developed the Single Integrated Operations Plan. Meyer fought on the European front during WW2 and scored 24 aerial victories and another 2 flying Sabres during the Korean war. He retired from military service in 1974 aged 55 but unfortunately died of a heart attack aged 56 years old, he is buried at Arlington cemetery. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide, this set does include the bomb as per the pictures which makes a nice accessory piece

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