WOW272 Argentine Dagger Falklands War

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In the late 1970’s The Argentine air force bought 39 Nesher type aircraft from Israel, upgraded and renamed them ‘Dagger’s where they operated against Chile and then then United Kingdom in the 1982 Falklands war.

Although the Dagger was superior in speed to the British Harrier jump jets it came up against, it was operating at the extreme edge of its operational range. This coupled with low level flying tactics developed by the British and with the help of new Sidewinder missiles procured from the United States, gave the British a surprising advantage.  A total of 9 Daggers were lost in air combat and a further 2 were shot down  by RN sea to air missiles.  At the conclusion of the conflict the British Naval Commander Sandy Woodward stated the Argentine air force had fought extremely well and he had great admiration for them.

This 1/32 scale model is in the markings of the Argentine air force and depicts an aircraft flown by Captain Dimeglio San Julian during the Falklands war. This is a limited edition of 2 models only worldwide.