WOW055 Bolton Paul Defiant

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The Bolton Paul Defiant was a two seat interceptor that served with the RAF during WW2. It was unique for its time in that it had a rear turret containing the aircraft’s armament of  4 x .303 Browning machine guns. Unfortunately it had no forward firing armament which proved to be its Achilles heel once the Luftwaffe found this flaw.  However during its early career it scored notable successes against the Luftwaffe who often mistook it for a Hurricane and attacked it from the rear, often with fatal consequences for themselves.

Withdrawn from front line day time duties, the Defiant found its forte employed as a night fighter, where in the right hands it was a formidable opponent as German bomber crews found out to their cost.

Our 1/32 scale Defiant is one flown by Ace Ted Thorn and his gunner Fred Barker, who notched up 12 plus Luftwaffe kills during the Battle of Britain and were the most successful Defiant crew of the war, both survived the war although Thorn was killed in 1946 in a flying accident.

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