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WOW065 The Deutsche Flugzeug Werke company were responsible for
manufacturing one of the most important 2 seat aircraft of its time the DFW
C.V, a highly manoeuvrable and versatile aircraft with over 4000 being
manufactured during the course of the war. Utilised as an artillery spotter
it was also used in the ground attack role when fitted with bombs, as a
fighter and also as a training aircraft. Several variants were built, ours
is a late production DFW C.V with the names ‘Gretel and Lo’ adorned on the
sides as it would have appeared in 1918. It appears that this aircraft
underwent several in the field colour modifications, one of which included a
hand streaky camouflage pattern on the top wings and tail fins. This DFW
also was the subject of several repairs which included replacing top wing
fabric, which according to photos of the time was not painted over and
appears to be an off white cream colour.
It is unknown who ‘Gretel and Lo’ were, presumably sweethearts or possibly
the daughter’s of the crew but their names make an attractive addition to
the side of this venerable Luftstreitkrafte workhorse. Priced at $499 this
unique aircraft does not come with any figures, those in the photos are for
scale reference purposes only, however with a limited edition run of 10
pieces worldwide, reserving one of these models early is strongly