WOW066 – Sopwith Pup (Black Arrow)

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WOW066 The Sopwith Pup was a British single seater biplane fighter aircraft
built by the Sopwith Aviation Company. It entered service with the RFC and
RNAS in late 1916 and continued to serve on the Western Front until the end
of 1917. Because of its docile landing and takeoff characteristics it was an
ideal experimental aircraft and was in fact the first aeroplane to fly off a
moving ship with a Lt Dunning a the controls, paving the way for Carrier
Naval aviation. Our 1/30 scale Sopwith Pup serial number N6171 and named
‘Black Arrow’ was flown by Naval aviator Flt Lt Pierce, an Ace with 3 Naval
Squadron which were based in Marieux France in 1917.
Pierce would go onto score a total of 5 kills in Black Arrow before it was
transferred to another pilot who nearly managed to write it off. However
N6171 was repaired and finally ended its days at RAF Cranwell as an
instructional airframe.
This is a limited edition of 8 pieces worldwide and comes free with ACC
PACK008, a handy box of aircraft accessories to add realism to your diorama.