WOW067 Blohm and Voss BV 141

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WOW067 The Blohm & Voss BV 141 was originally developed from a 1937 requirement for a new reconnaissance aircraft with optimal visual characteristics. Arado were the preferred competitor but after the aircraft prototype failed to impress, the field was left wide open. Focke Wulf stepped in with the FW189 although this aircraft had two engines despite the RLM’s requirements for a single engine aircraft design type. Blohm & Voss submitted a design with a highly unusual asymmetric design feature, which surpassed all requirements and was powered by a single engine. Unfortunately for Blohm and Voss the design was considered too radical and Focke Wulf were awarded the lucrative contract. Only 20 B&V aircraft were produced with some seeing action on the Eastern Front, several examples were captured by the Allies including the British, as they advanced through Germany. Our version NC RI was the last from the initial production batch of 10 aircraft and is portrayed in standard Luftwaffe colour scheme for this period.

Despite being a single engine aircraft the BV 141 was very large for its time with a wingspan of over 57 ft and a fuselage of approximately 46 ft in length. The BV 141 had a crew of three personnel and all in all this makes it larger than the Messerschmitt  Me 110 we recently released!

The BV 141 is priced at $799 PLUS $100 P&P as indicated in the banner price and comes free with SS061 The Last Supper.