WOW078 Spitfire Mk9 (Hello Tolly)

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WOW078 Our first Spitfire is the MK9 variant and one of the most highly regarded versions of this beautiful looking aircraft from WW2. Spitfires with pin up nose art are quite hard to come by, but after some searching we found one flown by American pilot Lt Colonel Gustav Lundquist. ‘Hello Tolly’ was one of the first Spitfires to fly the Atlantic via Iceland in 1944. It was fitted with Mustang underwing fuel tanks for the flight and had all unnecessary weight removed for this epic journey. Whilst flying the Atlantic route ‘Hello Tolly’ made a forced landing in Greenland and it was here that the famous nose art was added by a mechanic with too much time on his hands! All in all a very unique looking 1/30 scale aircraft model which comes with full interior and one that surely deserves pride of place in any Spitfire collectors display cabinet.

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