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The Short Sunderland S.25 was a flying boat based on the S.23 Empire flying
boat operated by Imperial Airways. Prior to WW2 there was intense
competition between Great Britain, the USA, France and Germany to develop
intercontinental travel, with GB having no suitable equivalent in the early
1930’s to the Sikorsky or Dornier flying boats then in operation. Short
brothers based in Rochester were awarded the contract for a military variant
of the S.23 and the first example of the Sunderland flew in 1937. With the
outbreak of war the Sunderland really came into its own and a RAAF
Sunderland was the first to sink a U-Boat unassisted. The Sunderland went
through many armament improvements during its career and became known as the
‘flying Porcupine’ by the Luftwaffe because of its potency to defend itself
if attacked. On one Occasion ‘N for Nuts’ operated by 461 Sqn RAAF and led
by F/Lt Colin Walker were on an anti-submarine patrol when at 1900 hrs the
aircraft came under attack from 8 Junkers 88’s. Two Ju 88’s made
simultaneous passes scoring direct hits and disabling one engine, however on
the third pass one Ju 88 was damaged or shot down by the rear gunner.
Another Ju 88 tried to attack but was shot down by the rear gunner although
one crew member of the Sunderland had been mortally wounded by this time.
Another Ju 88 was then damaged once again by the rear gunner and left the
fight, however the Sunderland had suffered extensive damage by this time
including its radio destroyed and most of the crew wounded to some degree.
Three more Ju 88’s were damaged in further attacks and it was at this time
that the Luftwaffe disengaged and headed for home. The Sunderland crew threw
everything over board that was not needed and also headed for home, they
finally beached their aircraft at Praa Sands in Cornwall where ‘N for Nuts’
broke up in the surf water. Walker was awarded the DSO for his conduct and
several other crew members received medals. Our mammoth size version of the
Sunderland WOW 079 is of course ‘N for Nuts’ with the real variant having a
wingspan of over 112 ft, this is by far the largest model we have made to
date. We have made 5 x Sunderland’s in this version, 2 have made their way
to clients in Australia with the other 3 heading for Aikens in the USA. For
those of you happy to wait 6 months we are happy to take pre-orders for this
outstanding and historic aircraft. The Sunderland does not come with any
figures as its in flying mode and is priced around the $2000 mark.