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WOW095 – The Airco DH2 was a single seat ‘pusher’ type fighter with a forward
firing machine gun that enabled the Allies to put an end to the Fokker
scourge that had given the Germans the air advantage in 1915. The DH2 first
arrived in France in June 1915 and served with 5 RFC Sqn and then 24 Sqn
before going on to equip a total of seven fighter squadrons. The arrival of
the Halberstadt D.11 and Albatros D.1 later in 1916 indicated the beginning
of the end for the DH2 which was then relegated to training duties. However
it should be noted that some DH2’s did remain in front line service in
Palestine until 1917 with ‘X’ flight, a combined RNAS and RFC unit.
Our new DH2 was flown by Ace Leslie Aizlewood MC and AFC. Aizlewood enlisted
into the infantry at age 17, but transferred to the RFC after being
invalided back to the UK with Appendicitis. After racking up 6 kills
Aizlewood was posted back to the UK to various training schools.
Unfortunately he was killed aged 23 test flying a Camel after his clothing
became jammed in the controls, forcing the aircraft to crash into the sea
from a height of 1000 feet. We have made 12 DH2’s as several collectors
missed out on the last one, this is likely to be our last for a while so
reserve one whilst you can. This variant priced same as our last at $499 and
payable in instalments if desired like all our aircraft, GW064 the
Footballer comes free with this model as per the attached pictures.