WOW102 – DFS 230 Glider

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WOW102; The DFS 230 glider was used in virtually every significant Axis
airborne operation during WW2, including Eben Emael, Crete and the rescue of
Mussolini. Initially designed as an assault glider capable of transporting 9
men with exit and entry via a side door. The DFS 230 could land almost
directly on top of its intended target, thanks to its parachute brake and
achieved considerable surprise at Eben Emael when used in this role.
Surprisingly the DFS 230 was one of the few armed gliders of WW2 and carried
a machine gun on top operated by one of its passengers, another was also
placed on the right hand side for the pilot to operate if needed.
The DFS was often a welcome sight for surrounded German troops as its
arrival often meant the delivery of fresh supplies and ammunition, it
excelled in the supply role particularly in the Demyansk and Kholm Pockets.
Although production ceased in 1941 there were sufficient gliders produced to
ensure the design saw service right up until the end of the war even
supplying Breslau and Berlin in the final days of WW2.
This glider had a wingspan of 72ft and was nearly 37ft long but had a very
narrow fuselage. It was not much wider than the humans it was designed to
carry, giving it a somewhat streamlined but unusual appearance over other
conventional aircraft.
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