WOW106 – Albatros B-2 ‘Wood’

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The Albatros B11 was designed by Ernest Heinkel and based on his 1913 design
of the Albatros B1. The B11 had a shorter wingspan than the B1 and was
powered by a variety of engines, in 1914 it set a world altitude record of
14,800 ft. The seating was somewhat unusual in that the pilot sat at the
rear with the observer at the front. When war broke out the Albatros
operated in large numbers but was withdrawn from frontline service in 1915,
as more advanced aircraft came into service. However the type still
soldiered on as a trainer until the end of the war and was operated by
several air forces after WW1. Designated as an observer aircraft the
Albatros B11 was usually unarmed but could be armed with bombs if needed. It
was in fact the first aircraft to bomb England during WW1 when it bombed
Faversham in Kent, fortunately with no reported casualties!
Our 1/30 SCALE model comes with a free figure, GW068A.