WOW109 – JU-87 STUKA Battle of Britain

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The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka was a German dive bomber and ground attack aircraft
employed by the Luftwaffe during WW2. It first flew in 1935 and made its
combat debut in Spain in support of the Nationalists. The Stuka sported a
distinctive gull shaped wing design and fixed undercarriage spats, to these
was fixed the Jericho trumpet which made a wailing noise as the aircraft
descended to attack its target, this noise became synonymous with Blitzkrieg
propaganda movies. Employed by the Luftwaffe in all its major campaigns,
the Stuka fared well right up until the battle of Britain where it was
decimated by the RAF’s Hurricanes and Spitfires. However in other theatres
the Stuka continued to operate effectively especially in the Balkans and on
the Russian front as a tank destroyer. Over 6,500 Stuka’s were made during
its service career and WOW109 our version is one flown in the Battle of
Britain. A limited edition of 10 of these models are available worldwide for
immediate delivery today priced at $799 which includes free postage
worldwide. UK and EU price will be different to the $ price please note,
contact us for details. Comes with 2 x free figure pilot figures as per the