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Fittingly to combat our Gloster Gladiator we have also introduced an Italian
Air Force Reggiane Re.2002. The Re.2002 project begin with a conversion of
the Re.2000 and Re.2001 both of which were already in service or under
development with the Italian Air Force. The first prototype flew in October
1940 and was used mainly as an attack aircraft as it could carry a
considerable payload, 18 examples were converted to the dive bomber mode. In
September 1941 the Italian Air Force ordered 200 aircraft with delivery
beginning in March 1942. These aircraft equipped the 5° and 50° Stormo units
and saw extensive action against the Allies at the Sicily landings. The
Luftwaffe also acquired some 60 x Re.2002 and used them against the French
resistance in the ground attack role. Our Re.2002 WOW0114 was one flown by
Italian Ace Giuseppe Cenni the commander of 5° Stormo, who was killed whilst
attacking units of the 8th army at Calabria on September 3rd 1943. Limited
to 12 in number worldwide the Re.2002 is priced at $599 which includes free
postage worldwide, UK and EU please contact us for a price in £ as postage
rates will vary from country to country. The FJ Military Police figure shown
in the attached photos is included free with this model.