WOW123 – Roland D.V1 fighter

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WOW123 is a 1/30 scale Roland D.V1 fighter aircraft in a
stunning late war lozenge pattern. The Roland aircraft company had earlier
introduced the C. 11 Walfisch 2 seat reconnaissance plane, which had
excellent characteristics and was capable of outperforming most Allied
fighters of the day. Several other designs followed which were not as
successful until the arrival of the D.V1 fighter. Ironically this design had
lost out to the Fokker D.V11 but was still put into production as insurance
against the Fokker failing in its role. The Roland entered service in May
1918 and was still in service up until the end of the war with 350 being
produced in total. Our model is one flown by 20 kill ace Otto Kissenberth
who survived the war only to be killed in a climbing accident in 1919. We
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