WOW125 – Friedrichshafen ‘Blue’

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WOW125 The Friedrichshafen FF.33, was a 2 seater seaplane operated by
several air forces including the Kaiserliche Marine. Over 300 were built by
Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen with the initial production models being fitted
with a Mercedes D.11 engine, this was soon replaced by the more powerful
Benz B.111 inline engine. The FF.33 could be carried on board a ship and
one accompanied the raider ‘Wolf’ which took part in a 451 day epic mission
under the command of Captain Karl Nerger. The ‘Wolf’ sank 35 merchant ships
and 2 warships before returning home to a victorious welcome in Germany. The
FF.33 had a wingspan of 54 feet and was over 33 feet long, had a rear firing
machine gun and could carry a small bomb load. We have made another 10
models of the FF.33 in a striking blue colour scheme to replace the earlier
cream version which has now sold out. Our model is priced at $499/£360 plus
shipping, also comes with free pilot figure GW070A as per the photos.