WOW130 – Heinkel He 111 Desert

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The Heinkel He 111 was designed by Siegfried and Walter Gunter in 1934
ostensibly as a civilian passenger liner, but in reality the aircraft was
intended to provide the Luftwaffe with a fast medium bomber. The mainly
glazed Plexiglas nose of the He 111 gave it a very distinctive and easily
recognisable look, almost akin to a giant wasp or bee. During the early
stages of the war the He 111 performed well but like many German aircraft
its weak defensive armament was exploited by the RAF during the battle of
Britain. Casualties amongst bomber crews were particularly high but with no
suitable replacement the He 111 soldiered on until the end of the war as a
strategic bomber, transport aircraft, glider tug and was even used as an
experimental variant to launch the V1 flying bomb whilst airborne. Various
airforces operated the He 111 including the Spanish, Romania, Turkey and
China amongst others. The last ones were retired by the Spanish in the
1970’s who made a licence built variant, with some of these featuring in the
1969 film ‘The Battle of Britain’ directed by Guy Hamilton. The He 111 was
over 59ft in length with a wingspan of 74ft, this makes for a very
impressive looking model in 1/30 scale as the attached photos will testify.
Armament consisted of 7 x 7.92mm machine guns with a 2000 Kilo bomb load
carried internally, further ordnance could be carried externally. Our first
model WOW129 features markings of a Luftwaffe aircraft in a distinctive
Russian front winter camouflage scheme, our second version of the Heinkel
WOW130 comes in a sand colour scheme suitable for the Desert or Italy and
was the personal transport aircraft of Field Marshall Kesselring. We have
made an initial batch of 3 aircraft of each variant being available at a
cost of $1400 each which includes free shipping worldwide. UK and EU please
contact us for a £ price, shipping charges will be lower as you live a lot
closer to us!
WOW129 Comes free with SS056 Winter Breakfast Club set as per the photos and
LUFT 005 motorcyclist mechanic for the Desert variant. We will make another
batch of aircraft where payment can be made over 6 months if the demand is
there, please contact us by email for details.