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The Gotha was a twin engined heavy bomber used by the Luftsreitkrafte during
WW1, designed for long range service it was used principally as a night
bomber entering service in 1916. Capable of flying at 15,000 ft and a range
of 500 miles, the Gotha could deliver a bomb load of up to 500 kilos. A
group of four squadrons was established in Belgium in a bid to carry out
bids against Great Britain. In May 2017 the first raid was carried out
against Folkestone by 22 aircraft. In June another raid was carried out
against London killing 162 people, the Gothas were intercepted by 90 British
fighters but they failed to bring any of them down. In July another 22 plane
raid was carried out with 1 Gotha being shot down for the loss of 2 British
fighters. Once the RFC were equipped with Sopwith Camels casualties amongst
the Gotha’s start to climb and they were switched to night raids. The Gotha
had a wingspan of nearly 78 ft and was over 40 feet long, it was manned by a
crew of 3. Our 1/32 scale version WOW132 comes in a striking white scheme
adorned by a green serpent, commanded by Walter Aschoff during the first
raids over England. Priced at $1400 with a limited edition of 2 machines
being immediately available, this includes free postage worldwide and the
crew figure as per the pictures plus the Accessory pack. EU/UK please note
price will be in £ and price will vary on location, please contact us for