WOW174 Flying Fortress ‘Little Miss Mischief’

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Our latest B-17 in 1/32 scale hand carved Mahogany, limited stock of 3 models available.

The mighty Flying Fortress dominated the sky’s of Europe and took the war right into the heart of Germany. This is the 3rd and last (for a while) B-17 so grab one whilst you can.

When “Little Miss Mischief” joined the 91st Bomb Group on 15 June 1944, she looked just like any other natural metal replacement B-17G. Her first pilot, Joe Bessolo, named her Little Miss Mischief and went on to fly 27 of his 28 combat missions in her.

Her nose art, based on one of George Petty’s Esquire centerfolds, was painted by the 91st Bomb Group’s Tony Starcer,. Upon finishing his task, Starcer told Bessolo “I outdid myself on this one!” Few people would have disagreed that Little Miss Mischief was one of the best of the more than 130 creations that came from the brush of one of the war’s most famous nose art artists. But she would be remembered for more than just great nose art—unlike the typical B-17, she combined an amazing combat history with an unusual appearance.

During her 50 missions, Little Miss Mischief was seriously damaged by flak and fighter attacks. She was repaired several times and eventually it was calculated 13 different aircraft actually made up Little Miss Mischief . This explains why she is green and silver in colour, the front half is the original Little Miss Mischief silver whereas the green rear half comes from another aircraft!

The bomb mission markings below the cockpit come in authentic 2 colours, as the original red paint faded  it went a yellow/white colour over time – just in case you were wondering!

The price for this limited masterpiece is $1500 plus $250 shipping which is shown in the website banner price. There is no free shipping on warbirds due to their large size.