WOW211 DFW Mercedes Star Variant

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The DFW C.V was arguably the single most important German aircraft of the First World War. The entire reason for military aviation at the time was to support the war on the ground and the most significant way to do this was through reconnaissance and artillery observation. A skilled artillery observer in a wireless equipped two-seater could kill more enemy with his index finger in a few minutes than the most skilled fighter pilots could in a lifetime and the DFW C.V was the most prevalent front line German two-seater of the war. Much mystery surrounds the development of the DFW C.V but the prototype appears to have first flown in May 1916 and passed its required structural tests in early August 1916 resulting in an order for 60 aircraft. By late October the 1st dozen or so production DFW C.V were serving at the front and had made such an impression that over the next couple of months 1000 more aircraft were ordered. Production continued up until the armistice, by which time nearly 4000 DFW C.V had been ordered from Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke (DFW) (2005), Automobile und Aviatik (1400), Luftverkehrsgesellschaft (LVG) (400) and Halberstädter Flugzeugwerke (150). LVG would go on to incorporate many aspects of the DFW C.V into their successful LVG C.V.

Our 1/30 scale version of this aircraft is limited to 7 in number worldwide and is decorated in a unique WW1 colour scheme. Normal retail price is $425 plus $100 postage and this is reflected in the website banner price, please note no free shipping on our Warbirds due to their large size.  Depending on availability this model will come with a free figure of GW076 sentry or similar.