WOW213 Phonix Fighter

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The Phonix D1/11/111 were a series of Austro Hungarian fighters used by the country to great effect during WW1. Our fighter is one flown by Feldwebel Alexander Sándor) Kasza who was born in 1896 in the Hungarian town of Tacskosuthfalva, today’s Stara Moravica in Vojvodina, which is part of northern Serbia. He was called up to join the 86th Infantry Regiment in 1915, but in September of that year he transferred to the air force and completed his pilot training in Germany. Kasza was considered a very good pilot and he served for some time as an instructor at Wiener Neustadt.
However, in August 1917 he was posted to the Italian Front at Haidenschaftban with Fliegerkompanie (Flik) 55J. He scored his first victory on November 15, when he shot down an Italian Savoia-Pomilio. Another two followed before the end of 1917 and in 1918 Kasza became the wing-man of Austro-Hungarian ace Joseph Kiss, until Kiss was shot down by Lieutenant Gerald Birks of No. 66 Squadron on May 24 1918.  Kasza survived the war with six victories, but was killed with his family during the Soviet bombardment of Budapest in 1945.

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