WOW216 – The Avro Anson

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WOW216: The Avro Anson was a graceful looking twin engine interwar aircraft, originally designed for general/maritime reconnaissance and also as a light bomber. By the time WW2 erupted the RAF had received 824 Ansons with 10 Squadrons operating in the maritime role and the other 16 squadrons with Bomber Command operating in the training role. The Anson was armed with 1 forward firing Vickers machine gun and a Lewis gun operated via a turret for rear facing defence. A small bomb load could be carried under the wings if circumstances dictated it. In 1940, 3 x Ansons were attacked by 9 x Bf Me 109 fighters, in a remarkable twist of fate, 2 of the Messerschmitt’s were shot down and a third fighter was damaged! The Anson was operated by the Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and USAAF and was still in service with many air forces in the 1960’s.

What makes this 1/30 scale Anson model special is the extremely detailed interior with the standard pilots chair and normal ancillary details but also to the rear, the navigators table and his chair. All of this hand carved and painstakingly glued together to create one of our nicest pieces so far.