WOW228 Me 262 Night Fighter

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The Me 262 was the worlds first operational jet powered fighter aircraft to see active service. Design work began before WW2 but problems with the engines and political interference kept the aircraft out of operational status until 1944. The Me 262 was faster and more heavily armed than its British counterpart the Gloster Meteor and was one of the most advanced designs of its time. The Me 262’s roles also included light bomber, reconnaissance and night fighter variants. The Allied most effective response to the Me 262 was to attack it whilst it was landing or taking off. By the end of the war with limited fuel and resources available to the Luftwaffe, the Me 262 was a case of too little too late to change the inevitable outcome for the 3rd Reich.

Our newest 1/30 scale Me 262 V2 is the experimental single seat night fighter variant which appeared in a variety of colour schemes and with different serial numbers during its lifetime.  The proposed night fighter was fitted with the FuG 218 Neptun radar (which is removable for shipping purposes on our model). As work progressed with the single seat variant, it became apparent that the two seater trainer variant would be a more suitable workhorse for the night fighter role and the single seat variant was eventually abandoned. However as you can see we have recreated this stunning and rare version of the Me262, it will surely be the focal point of any aircraft collection.

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This model also comes with free sample of German Luftwaffe figure SS061 The Last Supper.