WOW230 Bristol Beaufighter

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The Bristol Beaufighter was a multi-role aircraft developed during WW2 and used by the RAF and various Commonwealth air-forces. The Beaufighter was well suited to the nightfighter role due to its size and ability to accommodate airborne radar and heavy weapons. The Beaufighter was also used in the anti shipping role by the RAF and RAAF in the far east.

Our version of the Beaufighter is one of the most famous examples, one flown by ‘Cats Eyes Cunnignham’ an RAF pilot who destroyed 20 aircraft and 3 more probables whilst flying in the night fighter role.  The nickname was given to him by the British Press in order to disguise the fact that the British were using radar in their aircraft to track German night raiders. By the end of the war Cunningham had achieved the rank of Group Captain, he died in his sleep a few days short of his 85th birthday.

We have 2 x 1/30 scale Beaufighters available at the moment and they are priced at $1100/£899 each, the price shown on the website reflects an additional charge for postage, if you require a more bespoke shipping quote please email us at your earliest convenience. This model comes with a free concrete style airfield mat as per the photos.

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