WOW237 Nord Noratlas


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The Noratlas was built by the French aircraft manufacturer Nord post WW2, following a requirement by the French air force for a replacement of their C-47 Dakota aircraft and Junkers 52 transports that were now nearing the end of their operational careers.  Following its adoption by the Armée de l’Air, a number of other operators in Europe and Africa chose to procure the Noratlas for their own military air services. Finding itself in a similar situation to France, the Luftwaffe also purchased 187 aircraft for transport and parachute operations and became one of Nord’s biggest customers. Other Air Forces soon followed suit including Israel, Greece and Portugal.  Israel was another primary combat user of the Noratlas where its role in cargo transport, parachute drops and more covert operations was greatly appreciated.

Our 1/32 scale hand carved Mahogany model comes in the markings of the Israeli Air Force and is limited to 5 in number worldwide. The figure shown is for size comparison purposes only and is not included.  The regular price for this model is $1600 plus $250 shipping, there is no free shipping on Warbirds and the shipping cost is reflected in the website banner price. The dimensions for this product are approximately 66 cm in length and 102 cm wingspan.