WOW251 Siebel Si 204

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The Si 204 was planned as a small all-metal passenger aircraft with two crew and designed to carry eight passengers for German airline Deutsche Luft Hansa (DLH).

At the beginning of the war the aircraft was redesigned as a trainer aircraft with a full “stepless” glass cockpit, as had been initiated with the Heinkel He 111 series in early 1938. This meant the windscreen for the pilot had a rounded appearance to aid visibility, like almost all German bomber aircraft of the time that were being designed.

The Si 204D was used mainly in B and C Schools (advanced schools) and in FÜG 1 (delivery wing of the Luftwaffe), probably as a taxi aircraft for crews who had delivered other aircraft to fighting units. Its use in blind flying schools was sporadic.

In July 1944, a number of  Si 204 were converted to night-combat aircraft, a rotating top machine gun turret was added for this purpose.

Siebels were popular personal transport aircraft with high ranking officers like Albert Kesselring and  Adolf Galland. Our version of the Siebel comes in the markings of Ace Adolf Galland who often used a Siebel to fly between airfields in France.

Our 1/30 scale model aircraft measures approximately 50cm in length with a 70cm wingspan and is limited to 5 in number worldwide.
The top machine gun turret is removable and rotates.

A unique aircraft never available before in 1/30 scale

The other excellent figures shown are a mix of Thomas Gunn and K&C and are shown for scale purposes only.