WOW253 Hansa CC Flying Boat

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The Hansa-Brandenburg CC was designed by Ernst Heinkel during 1916 for use by the Austro-Hungarian Navy. It was a single engined, single seater flying boat, with a pusher engine mounted between the wings. It had single-bay wings, with the unusual “Star-Strutter” arrangement of bracing struts (where four V struts joined in the centre of the wing bay to result in a “star” arrangement) shared with the Hansa Brandenburg D.I and the KDW.

The CC was purchased both by Austro-Hungary and the Imperial German Navy. The Austro-Hungarian aircraft were powered by 119 kW (160 hp) Austro-Daimler or 130 kW (180 hp) Hiero engines and armed by a single 8 mm (.315 in) machine gun. The German aircraft were powered by 110 kW (150 hp) Benz Bz.III engines and armed with one or two IMG 08/15 machine guns.

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