WOW276 Fiesler Storch ‘Desert Variant’


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In 1935 the RLM (Reich Aviation Ministry) invited several aviation companies to submit design proposals that would compete for the production contract for a new aircraft design suitable for liaison, army co-operation and medical evacuation. This resulted in the Me Bf 163 and the Siebel Si 201 competing against the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch entry. Conceived by chief designer Reinhold Mewes,  Fieseler’s design had a far better short take off and landing performance. A fixed slat ran along the entire length of the leading edge of the long wings, while a hinged and slotted set of control surfaces ran along the entire length of trailing edge. This was inspired by earlier 1930s Junkers Doppelflügel, “double-wing” aircraft wing control surface design concepts. For the Fi 156, this setup along each wing panel’s trailing edge was split nearly 50/50 between the inboard-located flaps and outboard-located ailerons, which, in turn, included trim tabs devices over half of each aileron’s trailing edge length.

The long legs of the main landing gear contained oil-and-spring shock absorbers that had a travel of 40 cm (15-3/4 inches), allowing the aircraft to land on comparatively rough and uneven surfaces; this was combined with a “pre-travel” distance of 20 cm, before the oleos began damping the landing gear shock. In flight the main landing gear legs hung down giving the aircraft the appearance of a long-legged, big-winged bird, hence its nickname, Storch. With its very low landing speed, the Storch often appeared to land vertically, or even backwards in strong winds from directly ahead.
About 2900 Storch were manufactured by the Germans with various other countries including Russia and France also producing the Storch.

Our 1/30 scale Desert version of the Storch comes in a sand and grey mottled camouflage pattern and is limited to 3 pieces in this version. Priced at $799/£699 plus postage depending on your location. All of our Storches come with a free mat as per the photos, the excellent K&C figures are shown for scale purposes only and are not included but can be purchased direct through K&C themselves or one of their dealers.

A winter and hospital variant are also available in very small numbers. We have had two of the Storche’s made that were used in the Gran Sasso rescue mission of Mussolini. Both of these were made for customers but if you fancy one let us know and we can custom order one for you, or put you on the short list in case we get a cancellation.