WOW304 Junkers Ju.88 Anti-Shipping Variant


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The Junkers 88 was one of the Luftwaffe’s most flexible aircraft during WW2. Initially classed as a ‘fast bomber’ this twin engine aircraft went onto fulfill various other roles including; torpedo bomber, dive bomber, night fighter and towards the end of the war as the ‘Mistel’ guided flying bomb.
The Ju.88 first flew in 1936 and achieved a top speed of 360 MPH, something unheard of for a bomber in those days. Although only 12 aircraft were available to the Luftwaffe at the start of the Polish campaign by the end of the war over 16,000 had been manufactured. A crew of a Ju.88 had the distinction of being the last enemy soldiers to fight on British soil at the Battle of Graveney Marsh, when after crash landing the crew decided to remove the machine guns from the aircraft and set up a defensive position round the aircraft. The London Irish Rifles came under sustained fire from the crew but were eventually encouraged to surrender when faced with insurmountable odds.

WOW304 comes in the traditional 2 tone green camouflage operated by the Luftwaffe with an over spray of wellenmuster camouflage. Our model is based on an aircraft that operated from KG 26 based in Norway in 1943 and comes with 2 x torpedoes slung underneath. Also faithfully replicated are the Walter rocket pods, which helped heavily laden Luftwaffe aircraft take off with that extra oooomph sometimes needed to get off the ground. The pods were jettisoned upon takeoff and parachuted back to earth.

This 1/30 scale model limited to 3 worldwide.

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