WOW309 Albatros W.4 Seaplane


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The Albatros W.4 was a single seat naval variant of the highly successful D.1 Albatros fighter. It featured an enlarged wing area and there was a greater height difference between the lower and upper wings to allow sea spray generated during take off to be dispersed without interrupting the ascent.
Early models were armed with one machine gun but this was later improved with two machine guns being fitted. A total of 118 aircraft were built during the war.

Our 1/30 scale beautifully detailed is supplied with free mat as per the photos. Also included are the beaching dolly a wooden rear stand for the fuselage. The figures shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Limited to 9 in number worldwide, this hand carved Mahogany model is priced at $525/£425 plus shipping and is available now just in time for Christmas!