WOW345 Mitsubishi G3M Nell Bomber

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The Nell was a Japanese navy bomber that first flew in 1935. Designed to have a greater range for operating over the Pacific ocean than existing bombers and to also be capable of carrying heavy enough offensive armament to sink battleships. The Nell was a revolutionary design for its time, its top speed of 170 miles per hours and a range of over 2,700 miles was bought at the cost of no self sealing fuel tanks, little armour or defensive machine guns for the crew (this was remedied later). However it was considered that its speed would be its  greatest defensive asset and where needed the Mitsubishi Zero would protect it against Allied fighters where necessary.

The Nell saw its combat debut in China and took part in all the major WW2 campaigns up until the end of 1943, including the attacks on the Philippines, Wake Island and Singapore plus the sinking of the two British Battleships ‘Prince of Wales’ & ‘Repulse’ as they took to frustrate Japanese landings in the region. It along with the G4 Betty were the backbone of the Japanese bomber force for this period until more advanced designs became available.
Post 1943 the Nell was considered too vulnerable for front line combat operations and was relegated to transport missions and also used as a  glider tug and for paratroop training.

This particular aircraft comes in a stunning green and golden yellow colour scheme with under belly bombs fitted and served with the 901st Kokutai, she was destroyed at Okinawa on the ground by Allied fighters in 1945.

We have 4 of these 1/30 scale models available.  All the K&C/TG figures shown are for scale comparison purposes only and are not included. The prototype Kurogane utility truck in the pictures will be available later in the year from TG.

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