WOW355 Focke Wulf Condor 

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The Focke Wulf 200 initially started life as an airliner with the ability to carry up to 26 passengers. The Luftwaffe saw its potential and added hard points for weapons, a gondola underneath the fuselage, machine guns and strengthened the fuselage to cope with the additional weight.

During the early war years the Condor was very successful in the maritime reconnaissance role and was called ‘The scourge of the Atlantic’ by Churchill after it notched up an impressive tally of Allied shipping whilst on patrols in the Atlantic. Its success was somewhat tempered with the arrival of  Hurricanes launched via catapult from merchant ships and the introduction of longer range Allied aircraft.

The FW. 200 was also used as a transport aircraft particularly during the attempt to supply 6th army, cut off by the Russians and eventually forced to surrender, many have argued this was the turning point on the eastern front and the beginning of the end for Hitler’s third Reich.
Hitler also used the Condor as a personal transport, it was unarmed and was fitted with a downward ejecting parachute seat. Like many Condors it was destroyed during the war, with only one remaining example surviving today and on display in Berlin.

This 1/30 scale Desert version Condor is a ‘special’ requested by a client who unfortunately died before it could be delivered. this plane comes with free mat as per the photographs.

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