WOW356 Gotha 244

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The Gotha 244 was the powered variant of the Gotha 242 glider. It was first issued to Luftwaffe units in Crete and later saw action in the Mediterranean theatre and then onto the Eastern front. It could easily carry up to 23 fully equipped troops or even a Kubelwagen. It could be armed with 3 machine guns for self defence if needed and was often a welcome site for the Wehrmacht’s ground forces awaiting resupply on the front line.

This 1/32 scale measures 76cm (30.4 ins) width and is 48cm (19.2 ins) long. Its hand carved from Mahogany and is limited to 3 in number.
This model is supplied with the 2 x pilots and boxes from ACCPACK054A as per our photos.

The Terrain mat is from the Thomas Gunn Range and is shown for display purposes only.

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