WOW391 Lily Bomber


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The Ki.48 Lily was a twin engined bomber developed by the Japanese prior to WW2.The development of the aircraft began at the end of 1937 at the request of the Japanese military high command. Kawasaki received an order to develop a “high-speed bomber” capable of 480 km/h (300 mph) at 3,000 m (9,840 ft), and able to reach 5,000 m (16,400 ft) within 10 minutes. It was inspired by the Soviet Tupolev SB series of bombers. The bomber served in China from 1940 and took part in all the Pacific campaigns up until the end of the war. Some were converted to Kamikaze aircraft and used as test beds for the Ne-0 pulse jet engine.

This gorgeous mottled 1/32 scale wooden model is priced at $950.00 plus shipping / £845.00 inc VAT. The K&C figures and TG mat shown are for scale comparison purposes only and are not included.

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