WOW393 JU-388 ‘PG-YB’

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The introduction by the USAAF of the B-29 Superfortress caused great concern in the Third Reich due to its ability to operate at a high altitude out of the range of the current Luftwaffe aircraft then available. Plans were drawn to to introduce new high altitude fighters and bomber destroyers to counter this perceived threat. One such solution presented to the Luftwaffe was the Junkers 388 with a pressurized cabin enabling it to intercept high flying B-29 bombers.

However when it became clear that the majority of B-29’s were going to be used against the Japanese, the threat receded. The Junkers 388 was then modified as a high altitude bomber/aerial photography bomber of which we now proudly present for you in 1/32 scale.
Because of its perceived invulnerability to flak and Allied fighters the Ju 388 carried no forward firing guns, however it did have a sting in the tail featuring 2 x 13mm machine guns mounted in a remote controlled hecklafette turret.

Out of all the aircraft released this month, the Ju 388 was the most expensive to procure, mainly due to the bulbous cockpit which proved to be a real challenge for our factory.
We have three 1/32 scale models available 

The TG/K&C figures are not included and are only shown for scale comparison purposes.

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